Coping with Stress?

Struggling with feelings of isolation, anxiety and stress? Help is available.

Discard Your Unused Medications

Find the nearest drop box location to you, or request a disposal bag to use at home.

Need a meeting?

Virtual recovery meetings are being held every day. Find one that fit's your schedule.

Support for Parents & Families

Do you have a loved one struggling with addiction? Are you concerned about your child's substance use? Find support.

Treatment is Still Available!

Help is here to get you or your loved one the treatment needed to get well from a substance use disorder.

Reverse an Opioid Overdose

Berks residents can receive a free Narcan® Nasal Spray kit from our friends at

Learn more about Addiction & the Coronavirus 

Read the Winter 2020/21 Issue of The Response

SOS Berks

We are a group of people invested in providing our community with the needed assistance, support, resources, and education to raise awareness, stop the stigma, and end opioid overdose deaths in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Learn more about us.

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