Medication Disposal Bags Distributed During COVID-19

In May, SOS Berks, in partnership with the Council on Chemical Abuse, provided Esterbrook Pharmacy in West Reading with 260 Deterra® medication disposal bags. Esterbrook will now distribute the disposal bags to individuals, giving them away for free with all home-delivered prescription medications while supplies last.

What is a Deterra® medication disposal bag?

Deterra is a patented, environmentally-friendly drug deactivation system that enables people who are home-bound or elderly to dissolve medications and safely dispose of them without leaving home. For people who cannot get to one of Berks County's 29 medication dropbox locations, the bags help prevent prescription drug misuse.

How they work

Each bag contains a small pouch of a carbon compound. Unwanted medications are placed in the bag and warm water is added. The water works to dissolve an inner pod, releasing the activated carbon within. This disposal process works on pills, patches and liquids, allowing them to be absorbed by the carbon and rendering them inert and non-retrievable. The bag and its contents can then be safely disposed in a household trashcan.

Click here to learn more about medication disposal bags.

If you or someone you know is in need of a medication disposal bag, please contact Marcia at

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