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Updated: May 13, 2020

On Wednesday, May 13, the SOS Berks Opioid Task Force hosted an update about the opioid crisis in Berks County. The update premiered on SOS Berks Facebook Page and YouTube Channel. Watch now to hear a panel of local professionals discuss what's happening in Berks County regarding treatment and recovery and other substance-use services during COVID-19.

  • Greetings: Kevin Barnhardt, Berks County Commissioner

  • Introductions: Stanley Papademetriou, Council on Chemical Abuse Executive Director

  • Law enforcement update: John T. Adams, District Attorney of Berks County

  • Substance use disorder & overdoses during COVID-19: Dr. William Santoro, Addiction Medicine Specialist

  • Recovery support, virtual and in-person: Yvonne Stroman, Council on Chemical Abuse Community Programs Specialist

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SOS Berks

We are a group of people invested in providing our community with the needed assistance, support, resources, and education to raise awareness, stop the stigma, and end opioid overdose deaths in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Learn more about us.

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