Red Cross Honors Berks Police Officer for "Blue Cares" Outreach

Exeter Police Officer Daniel Homm was recently honored by the Red Cross as a Law Enforcement Hero for his work helping opioid abuse and overdose victims. "Daniel leads the department for the most lives saved with the help of Narcan," a Red Cross announcement stated. But his work goes beyond administering Narcan. He also has frequently volunteered to participate in Blue Cares visits to overdose survivors, accompanying Brian Kammerer, a drug and alcohol program specialist with the Council on Chemical Abuse (COCA).

Blue CARES is a collaborative program between Berks County Law Enforcement and (COCA) that encourages individuals to seek treatment for addiction after being revived with NARCAN® Nasal Spray by a police officer.

"Officer Homm is a shining example of the Blue Cares outreach program, in which law enforcement officers and COCA work collaboratively to identify and encourage individuals to seek treatment."

In a recent WFMZ news story, Kammerer praised Homm for his dedication. "His enthusiasm and understanding of the issue, his empathy for these folks struggling with substance abuse disorder was apparent right away, and this is somebody who obviously cared about and wanted to participate."

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