Watch Our New Informational Videos

Two new videos draw attention to Medication Assisted Treatment and youth substance use.

We recently introduced several new videos through our Addiction Doesn't Define Me campaign, an on-going effort to reduce the stigma of substance use disorder. The new videos feature testimonials of people in recovery, along with informative discussions by experts in the field of addiction and recovery.

In one, Megan shares her story of struggling with addiction in high school, getting help and discovering a better life in recovery. Her testimony is enhanced by licensed Behavioral Health Counselor Jessica Deornellas, LPC, who reviews warning signs of substance use in teens and offers advice for getting young people into treatment.

In the second video, Deliverance tells her recovery story, emphasizing that medication assisted treatment was crucial to her recovery. Addiction Medicine Specialist William Santoro, MD provides further insights into medication assisted treatment, explaining how it works and why it is a crucial tool for treatment of substance use disorder.

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